In this section we selected the best canister vacuums and made a highly complex chart based on each and every product's feature and technical specification. We took into consideration even the smallest details like the cord length, the country of origin or even if it's included tools. We hope that this chart will provide all the information for choosing the right vacuum cleaner fitted for your needs. At the bottom of the chart you will find links to our detailed reviews of the products or links to other customer reviews of the specific product. Check the chart here

For this category we take into consideration the most powerful vacuums that are specialized into removing easily the pet hair from all types of surfaces. The most important aspects of these vacuums are the special tools made out of different material than the regular nozzles. Usually they are made out of a special rubber, designed to grab with ease the pet hair. Also, an important tool of these vacuums is the brush tool which can be powered or not. There are different sizes and types, you can opt for a regular size or a handheld, depending on your need. We also chose to include a battery operated vacuum (cordless) which can be used for a variety of chores. Check the Pet Hair chart here

The special canister vacuum category contains a variety of vacuums including cleaner machines. We have selected two state-of-the-art unique designed canister vacuums: The Henry and Metropolitan. The SpotCleaner and the Ash Vacuum are another must-have machines in your home for easy spot removing or dustless cleaning of the fireplace or stove. What can we say is that these are some special and useful machines.Check the Special Vacuums chart here

The best backpack vacuums can be found here in this chart. Based on ergonomic design, bin capacity, motor amperage, phonic pollution, tools and all other features, we managed to create this chart. We already took the liberty of selecting for you the best of them in the backpack category, all you need to do now is to compare the specifications that are important in order to choose the best backpack vacuum for your needs. Depending on the environment where you will use or the surfaces that will need cleaning we are sure that the right backpack vacuum is a click away.