Dyson 209560-01 V6 Absolute the best Cordless Stick Vacuum so far?
Let's find out this together is this comprehensive review


  • A lightweight vacuum cleaner, easy to use, with lots of attachments options
  • Can clean both carpet and hardwood, but is also good for cleaning pet hair or even your car.
  • Equipped with a HEPA Filter which is a must nowadays
  • Bagless vacuum, which is a great advantage in terms of usability
  • Convenient docking station which stores and charges the vacuum, but it can also hold attachments
  • It allows 24 minutes of cleaning time
  • 6 minutes of increased suction power - for more difficult tasks
  • 2-year warranty - parts and labor
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Reviewed byMichael C.
Added onJanuary 11, 2016
Last modifiedFebruary 13, 2016
CVG Rating

Dyson V6 Absolute is indeed a versatile vacuum cleaner being a very good option for your house and not only. It's suction power is even comparable with the one produced by corded and bulkier vacuum cleaners. The product can be transformed within seconds in a handheld vacuum, thus being able to clean hidden spots, sofas or even you car. The battery lasts for about 20 minutes on normal usage while on high power mode for about 6 minutes but with an outstanding suction power. Overall this is one of the best products I've used so far easily surpassing even a couple of corded cleaners....

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Product Review

Dyson 209560-01 V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum it is a bagless vacuum cleaner, which will prove extremely useful and effective with every use of it. It can be found on the shelves for around $470, but in certain periods of the year, you can certainly catch a pretty good promotion. In terms of design, the model falls into the category of vacuum cleaners with a modern and easy way to handle. Attention to details, inspire me durability and longevity. Dyson 209560-01 V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum is one of the most popular models of 2015. The most powerful portable vacuum cleaner. Dyson vacuum cleaners portable have three times more suction power than other portable vacuum cleaners on the market. The newest product of new portable vacuum cleaner, Dyson V6 Absolute, vacuum as much dust as a wired vacuum cleaner. The combination of digital V6 Dyson cyclones 2 Tier Radial™ and the latest floor brush filament carbon fiber and nylon bristles allow this. Airflow: channeled to the cyclone assembly center through a pipeline directly to the motor maximize suction power. Cover: How is shaped outer cyclone casing, allows it to capture large dirt – so the inner cyclones could capture fine dust.


Very well designed machine with all the attachments. Balanced design locates the center of gravity towards the grip for easy, lightweight cleaning up top, down below and in between. The ease of use in terms of usability and cleaning the pieces makes it a pleasure to use. The engine, filter and dustbin all fit into a compact core that you hold in your hand. The dust bin is easy to empty but not really recommended for allergy people. Also, some people may find it quite small but considering it's a cordless and portable vacuum this should be just fine.


The Dyson 209560-01 V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum has new features of its own, including a soft brush roll for hardwood floors and a HEPA filter. Each piece snaps in place smoothly, and can be removed by pressing a button near the joint. What separates the Absolute from the others and why Dyson prices it at the top of the line, is the number of attachments, an additional brush roll designed for hardwood floors and a HEPA filter, and of course let's not forget about the maximum RPM of 110,000 of maximum suction power mode.

Here are the pros from people who bought it:

  • Great suction power
  • There’s a lot to like about the Dyson V6 Absolute. It’s lightweight, easy to use, powerful, and versatile. With its myriad attachments, it can quickly tackle pretty much any job you throw at it, as long as you’re not asking it to clean the whole house. With its 20-minutes-or-less battery life, you’ll want to pull the Absolute out for little chores then stick it back on its charging station.
  • It's great for quick touch-ups around the house. She uses it to pick up dirt and dog hairs from center/walk areas of the room before it can get behind the furniture. Takes about 3 to 5 mins per room once a day.
  • Does exactly what it claims to, and although expensive, I would say worth the money. Takes the hassle out of cleaning the stairs and those other awkward to reach places with a normal vacuum cleaner. It's lightweight & portable, and even without using the max setting it gets up a decent amount of dust, dirt & pet hair. The max setting genuinely does work though for those areas where the extra suction is required.
  • Lots of attachment options
  • Cleans both carpet and hardwood

Product Cons from people already using it:

  • Battery life isn't exactly the one stated from specifications. It does last indeed for 20 minutes but only on low power mode. Switch it up to max power setting and it will last 5min if you're lucky...
  • Expensive since it only last for 20min and then you must recharge it for 3.5hrs...
  • ...also a bit noisy compared with I've been expecting for the money...
  • ...dirt collection barrel a bit small...
  • There is not enough spaces to store all of the included tools. This vacuum comes with a total of 6 attachments and there are only 2 extra tool storage adapters along with keeping one attached to the vacuum. This means that 3 will either sit on the floor or in a storage place near the brooms and all the other stuff needed for cleaning.

My final thoughts on the product and CVG rating

The V6 Absolute model is indeed a masterpiece. The engineer's managed to develop a great device that passed thorough tests to ensure that it will work like a charm for each customer. This cordless vacuum has a great design, is easily convertible in a handheld type and it has an amazing usability and portability. It does come indeed with some small issues reported by customers like small bin capacity or battery run-time, and of course the price... It's a bit expensive for sure but it does deliver the expected results, and you no longer need to switch the plug from corner to corner and of course you avoid mounting all the time the hose.

Suction power9.5 out of 10
Motor power/amperage9.5 out of 10
Accessories9 out of 10
Special features9 out of 10
Value for the price8 out of 10
Weight and dimensions9.3 out of 10
Filtration system and dust capacity9.5 out of 10
Usability10 out of 10
Warranty9 out of 10
Customers reviews9.2 out of 10
Total CVG rating92 out of 100

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Thanks for reading my review and hope you found the right decision for your needs.
Have a great day!
Michael C.