Numatic International Limited, founded in 1969 by Chris Duncan, is a British company with a large manufacturing facility located in Chard, Somerset in south-west England.

Numatic manufactures a variety of domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning and maintenance equipment with a worldwide distribution, being one of the major producers of vacuum cleaners in the UK.

The company has about 700 employers and produces 4500 units per day out of which 40% are for export. Numatic is solely owned by its founder, Chris Duncan, who created the compact shape for its flagship "Henry" vacuum cleaner back in 1981. Since then, over 7 million have been produced and sold worldwide.

Numatic Vacuum Cleaners

Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaner with AutoSave Technology HVR200A - 838689


The Numatic HVR200A Canister Vacuum features AutoSave Technology which helps save energy by reducing the running cost. The HepaFlo dust bags have improved efficiency of the filtration system, increasing cleaning capacity. The Accessory Tool Kit includes: stainless steel tube bend with a volume control, 2 extension tubes, a combination floor nozzle, double taper hose, tool adapter, a crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery nozzle with a slide-on brush. Numatic is among the best selling powerful canister vacuum cleaners.

  • A vacuum cleaner known for it's performance and unique design
  • Vacuum cleaner renowned for its high performance
  • The filtration system is highly efficient
  • Handles for ease of transportation, foldable
  • Can be easily stored, has rewindable cord
  • Henry "AutoSave" incorporates a Low Energy System