David Oreck, the founder and marketer of the Oreck Corporation started back in 1963 by selling vacuum cleaners by mail.

Then, he acquired an abandoned design for an upright vacuum cleaner from Whirlpool and a failing RCA distribution facility in New Orleans, Louisiana. The vacuum cleaner used to weigh 3.6-kg (8-lb,) being third of the weight of other machines available. Competitors, however, used this fact to criticize Oreck's vacuum cleaner's effectiveness and durability, but he decided to first market to hotels where lightweight would be a big positive factor. His machines now are used in thousands of hotels worldwide.

The parent company that now owns Hoover, based in China, has also purchased Oreck as of July 2013, but the principal manufacturing facilities are based in Cookeville, Tenn.

Oreck Vacuum Cleaners

Oreck Ultimate Handheld Bagged Canister Vacuum, CC1600


The Oreck CC1600 is a portable and lightweight vacuum cleaner. For a 4 amp motor driven vacuum is pretty lightweight. It has a HEPA filter and disposable vacuum bags. The accessories: the telescopic wand together with dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool, the wide floor tool and let's not forget to mention the strap make it a versatile small portable vacuum.

  • Lightweight, portable and pretty powerful (4 amps)
  • All the specialized accessories for all surface cleaning
  • Includes a strap for shoulder carrying of the main unit
  • HEPA filter but with disposable bags
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