Established in the 70's Shop-Vac® Corporation is recognized to be one of the world's leader in wet/dry vacuum cleaners.

The company has manufactured innovative high-quality products offering the most complete line of vacuum cleaners and accessories available for their customers who associate Shop-Vac®'s products with dependability and the ability to handle the toughest cleaning jobs.

Shop-Vac® Corporation's research, engineering and manufacturing standards are in a continuous development, making the products they build to be at the highest standards.

Shopvac Vacuum Cleaners

ShopVac Ash Vacuum


Do you have at home a fireplace, a barbecue or a wood stove? Then you should take into consideration the Shop-Vac Ash Vacuum to clean up the ash without making a dusty mess out of your home. This vacuum has a wire-mesh internal filter plus a Cleanstream HEPA cartridge filter that is 99.97% efficient. The canister is made of a 5 gallon stainless steel tank. Easy to clean, just empty the bin, clean the filter and then put it back together.

  • Double filtration system wire-mesh internal filter & Cleanstream HEPA
  • 5 gallon stainless steel tank
  • Thermal protection and aluminum deflector
  • Flexible hose with metal intake nozzle
  • 2 years warranty